Writers Block

•August 28, 2007 • Leave a Comment

I have been plagued with Writers block for what feels like a year. I can write guitar parts fine, however I’m finding it hard to write lyrics. I feel like I have nothing to say.


Jin Roh- The Wolf Birgade

•October 7, 2006 • Leave a Comment

This movie caught me by suprise, I didn’t expect it to be all that good. Instead I was greeted with interesting metaphores and a very interesting psychological thriller with a few twists and turns.

The greatest thing about the movie for me was the music. It reminded me of Samuel Barbers-Adigio for Strings and the credits song gave me shivers.

I highly recomend this Anime. the only thing is it has alot of dioloug scenes that drag on for a long time. I found my self spacing out and missing important things.

I’d give it 4 stars out of 5. But I don’t have any stars on me. Just pocket lint. So 4 pocket lints out of five.
Jin Roh 1jin_roh3.jpg2-_038.jpg

The World of Direct Download Anime

•September 27, 2006 • 3 Comments

I recently grew tired of  relitively slow Torrents,  badly seeded, too many  leechers. I So I thought I’d try to  find a site where you could directly downlaod it off of a fast server. Low and behold there were many sites. But it didn’t take long to relize that a war seems to be takign place amongst them. I was posting on one site for awhile untill it suddenly went down with hundreds of messages saying “NATIONAL-ANIME” then another site I went to was shut down and they were all blaming National Anime as well. DDOS attacks, hacking, a rather dirty buisness. The whole thing left me with very few episodes and half done series. And a waste of alot of hours.

I somehow doubt National Anime is behind it. Why would they be so forward about it? You’d think it’d be more effective if you were sneaky about it. But perhaps this “Kane” is just as arrogant as they make him sound. hopefully the perpertrator is caught soon though. So I can enjoy more Anime.


Mad World – Acoustic Cover By Me

•June 21, 2006 • 4 Comments

I did a cover of the song Mad World. My mom scared me at the end…opened the door with a bang.

The Adventure Game FIESTA!

•June 18, 2006 • Leave a Comment

The day was tuesday, the week was this week, the month was this month and the year was…oh you get the point. So my cousin was over and he had the great Idea to play Day Of the Tentacle. We had both played it before so we beat it really fast cause when he got stuck the one or the other of us would remember the solution. After bowling some tentacles and saving the world we somehow got the mad idea to beat all the Monkey Island games in a row.

We wasted Monkey Island 1, Stumbled through Monkey Island 2, sped through number 3, and groaned through number 4. This non stop fiesta (well it was more of a slow hum drum adventure game playing no sleep lucasartsia thing than a fiesta) has ruined my brain. When I walk around the house I say in my head "Open Door, pick up soap, use soap with hands" My brain is completely FRIED!

GET ME SOME GROG! Or I'll fill yer belly with LED!

My Hat Owns You

•June 9, 2006 • Leave a Comment

So, I think I mentioned this but if I didn't. I had two sisters in Indonesia, only the one came back before. Well now the other has come home and brought me more gifts! Yay gifts! I asked for one of the farmer hats, and she got me one…and it's cooler than your mothers kidneys. It's that cool.


I intend to wear this hat…all the time. I attatched the string myself. Cause what's the point if you can't wear it on your back?

She also got me this weird toad thing…

Wait…can't you lick toads? for…pleasure?
Riiiiight, anywho. Check out this 500 Rupia bill…it has an orangatang on it!!!


500 rupia…that's a whole 5 cents american. things sound like they cost alot of money but 500,000 is only 50 dollars or something. MADDNESS!

That's all I have for now! *hops on his magical unicorn and rides into the purple oblivian* …sorry too much toad licking.

Nintendo Cartoon Hour

•March 26, 2006 • 4 Comments

This is by The Lonely Island  Dudes. they do some great skits. The creators of this are actualy  on Saturday Night Live now. They write skits and one of them is a cast member. Anywho...good stuff.